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OnlineFileTaxes.com will:
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 - e-File the Federal copy
 - Print and mail the recipient copy
 - Provide the payer copy report in PDF format
 - Provide the filing confirmation via email

First-Time Users
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 - File your tax forms with ease and confidence
 - Set up payer and recipient data for future use
 - Rest assured of our reliable data security

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  • Change your password
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  • Manage your payer and recipient information
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1099 e-Filing and Recipient Mailing
1099-NEC 1099-MISC
1099-INT 1099-DIV
1099-B 1099-C
1099-R 1099-S
1098 e-Filing and Recipient Mailing
1098 1098-T
W-2 e-Filing and Recipient Mailing
  • e-Filing of Federal copy
  • Printing and mailing recipient copy
  • Payer copy report in PDF format
  • Filing confirmation via email

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  • Printing and mailing copies to state or local agencies as required
  • Saving and printing copies for your records
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Standard pricing for e-Filing, Printing, and Mailing services for 1099, 1098 and W-2 forms: Lowest price $1.50 per form for e-File + Print & Mail

Below is a list of our various filing options and discounted prices based on number of forms:
Form count per OrderOption 1 (Default)
E-File + Print & Mail
Option 2
E-File Only
Option 3
Print & Mail Only
Additional Service
TIN Check
       1 - 10 $4.40       $2.90       $3.65       $1.00      
       11 - 25 $4.20       $2.70       $3.50       $0.95      
       26 - 50 $4.10       $2.55       $3.40       $0.90      
       51 - 100 $3.60       $2.10       $3.15       $0.85      
       101 - 250 $3.10       $1.60       $2.60       $0.70      
       251 - 500 $2.60       $1.10       $2.10       $0.55      
       501 - 1000 $2.10       $0.85       $1.60       $0.40      
       1001 + $1.60       $0.60       $1.35       $0.25      

Note: The price for the default option is based on individual orders and does not accumulate over multiple orders. If you have multiple forms, we suggest that you file all your forms at once to maximize your discount.

Explanation of Filing Options:

Choose between three available options:

Option 1: e-File + Print & Mail
This is the default filing option in which we e-file with the IRS and print and mail (or e-deliver) recipient copies.

Option 2: e-File Only
In this option, we only e-file. If you have already provided copies to your recipients and want us to report to the IRS, this is the option for you.

Option 3: Print & Mail Only
In this option, we print and mail recipient copies. If you have already submitted (or will submit) your information to the IRS but want us to provide copies to your recipients, this is the option for you.

Additional Service: TIN Checking
Avoid penalties for reporting a wrong TIN number for your recipients. We are an IRS-approved TIN Check provider. If you choose this option, we will confirm the TIN number before we submit your form to the IRS. Please click here  to find out more about TIN Checking and why you should utilize it.

Please note: IRS guidelines state that a recipient should give his/her consent before an electronic statement is delivered, otherwise a paper copy must be provided. To read more about e-delivery, check out:  Electronic Delivery of Statements .